Get a Competent Lawyer to Get You Employment Based Immigration

Employment Based ImmigrationThe US law on immigration is a complex one, with many dynamics and requiring much time to comprehend, in order to maneuver your way round. With a cap on the given number of immigrants that the country can absorb, it is fitting to find the best lawyers in the land to make it possible for you to get employed as an immigrant. The highest offices in the land including the Presidency and Congress are actively involved in determining the number of persons to be allowed into the country as refugees. With the exercise geared towards a noble cause of uniting families, refugee protection and enhancing diversity, getting employment based immigration is not a walk in the park. But worry not, with Mark Law Immigrant, you get competent and top quality lawyers, who make the process, seem like a walk in the park.

Employment Based Immigration
The held in high regard by many, a fact depicted by the fondness of the title it’s given as the land of opportunity. In many aspects, it does not disappoint, and it provides means through which immigrants who bear special skills can be accommodated into the economy, adding value to the nation as a whole. This it seeks to accomplish via the issuance of visas, which may either be on a temporary or a permanent basis.

Temporary Employment Based Immigration Visas
There are almost 2 dozen types of visas, for immigrant employment persons on a temporary basis. They are diverse, cover a wide range of professions and are issued on basis of class. For immigrant athletes and other skilled entertainers and performers, they are issued by class L, A visas are meant for all diplomatic persons, R cater for the needs of religious workers, H for highly as well as lowly skilled workers, O are meant for persons who depict extra-ordinary ability while the more common one L visa, is to cover inter-company transfers.

Permanent Based Immigration
This is a much sought after type of immigration, with those seeking it eyeing to become permanent residents of the United States. Due to the large number of such applications, they are placed in categories, basically cat 1-5. The most limiting factor in these categories is that they have a limit as to how many persons can be accommodated on an annual basis.

Cat 1; this seek to cover persons of extra ordinary ability, especially in various disciplines like sciences, arts, business, education etc, and requires an applicant to possess and effectively demonstrate the particular skill.

Cat 2; meant for profession members with advanced degrees in various fields.

Cat 3; meant for skilled workers and professionals with degrees as well as unskilled workers in long term fields.

Cat 4; this covers immigrants of a special nature, including religious workers, government workers, aliens.

Cat 5; this seeks to attract large scale investors who are willing to invest at least half a million dollars and create employment and grow the economy.

Regardless of the type of employment based immigration you are seeking, Mark Law Immigrant is the firm to get a suitable lawyer to hand you this coveted prize in a platter, and at a friendly cost.


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